Aluminium bi-folding doors from Solihull WDC

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Solihull WDC are one of the area's top suppliers and installers of branded quality aluminium bi-folding doors, offering a range of 'recognised' bi-folding door systems including Schüco, Smart Aluminium and WarmCore systems. Making products with prices you can afford which will be technically surveyed and perfectly installed.

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Schüco bi-folding doors

superb schüco aluminium bi-folding doors from Solihull WDC

schüco aluminium bi-folding doors, probably one of the best bi-folding doors available

Smart bi-folding doors

smarts' aluminium bi-folding doors from Solihull WDC

smart aluminium bi-folding doors are the most popular, offering affordable, commericial quality

WarmCore bi-fold doors

warmcore aluminium bi-folding doors from Solihull WDC

the warecore aluminium bi-folding door is the new, and latest alternative bi-fold option

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Whatever your requirements, rest assured we at Solihull WDC will provide you with a no hassle, 'absolutely' no pressure written quotation for your home improvements, which will be fitted by our highly experienced and local installers who have a minimum of 30 plus years onsite, and on the tools experience!

Solihull WDC are Accredited Members of DGCOS

We are a DGCOS Accredited Member

ASSURE Competent Persons Scheme

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Schüco Aluminium Bi-fold doors

Schüco Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

Smart Aluminium Bi-fold doors

Smart Aluminium Bi-fold & Sliding Doors

Warmcore Aluminium Bi-fold doors

WarmCore Bi-folding Door System