PVCu & Composite Entrance doors from Solihull WDC

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If you are looking to replace any of your existing entrance doors to a PVCu or composite then you need to get in-touch with Solihull WDC who are one of the area's top suppliers and installers of all types of residential entrance doors, and replacement or new build porches all at prices you can afford!

Liniar PVCu entrance doors

Liniar residential PVCu entrance doors from www.solihullwindows.co.uk by Solihull WDC

residential PVCu high security front doors, back doors, French doors and sliding pation doors

beautiful composite door range

our range of composite doors include Door Stop, Hallmark, Hurst, Rock Door and Solidor from Solihull WDC

our range of composite doors include Endurance, Eurocell, Hallmark, Hurst, Rock Door and Solidor

replacement & newbuild porches

Newbuild and replacement entrance porches from Solihull WDC

we build new porches, replace existing porches and integrate PVCu or composite entrance doors

PVCu or composite door's from the Solihull WDC door range

Make an impression - whether you are looking to add some character or good old fashioned traditional style, make it a good one with a Liniar PVCu entrance door, and at Solihull WDC we offer a superb range and choice of composite doors from the UK's top suppliers, including Endurance, Eurocell, Rock Door, Solidor, Hurst and Hallmark.

Liniar PVCu entrance doors and Endurance Composite Door from Solihull WDC

Liniar Doors & Endurance Composite Door

Rock Door and Hurst composite entrance doors from Solihull WDC

Rock Door and Hurst Composite Doors

Solidor and Hallmark composite entrance doors from Solihull WDC

Solidor and Hallmark Composite Doors